Here’s an exclusive place where special resources can be found, new vistas explored and where you can get educated and amused ~ sometimes at the same time!


You’ll find things here you’re not apt to locate any place else. We’ve designed it specifically for the flooring professional. Need first rate advice to keep you from getting in trouble? How about special legal tips to make you smarter than the guy down the street you compete with? We’ve got them!


How about the most uncommon common sense approaches to your business that are guaranteed to make you more profitable and keep your customers coming back for more? We have that here, too!


In fact, we’ve assembled resources here for you that if you pay attention to will make you better at what you do and ensure your profitability. And what’s really exciting is we are adding to it everyday so you’ll always have a reason to come back for more!


So dive on in and surf around. You’ll discover quickly that being a member of the WFCA sets you on the path of Success by Association!



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